Academic Policies and Academic Achievements

Under the Dynamic Guidance of our Principal a well qualified and experienced teaching professionals are framing the academic policies which is full of activity based to suit all the standard students which is applied in keeping the latest trend condition on par to compete the City level schools and are well received by the students so for. In this connection we are one of the regular recipient of excellence award from many institutions.

According to the policy framed a fine tuned Lesson Plan issued to all the teachers and monitored on daily basis by our Vice President. This has yielded very good result from the students resulted in excellent track record of Cent percent result in Public examinations. We are proud to table below our academic success for your glimpse.
Produced 100% result consecutively for 10th year in X Std.
Produced 100% result consecutively for 7th year in XII Std.
Apart from the above, regular workshops are being conducted periodically to all the Classes depending on their requirement.
Teachers – Parents – Students orientation also applied term wise to improve the students’ performance.

Campus & Facilities Available in our campus

To suit the modern technology and to cater the expectation of the Parents, Student and the Teachers the school campus has been specially designed and constructed in such a way that it covers all the parameters to satisfy themselves.
We highlight below some of the campus facilities,
Meditation-cum-Prayer Hall
A meditation-cum-prayer hall to accommodate around 1000 students situated in the heart of the campus where we conduct our daily prayer.
Dedicated Laboratories
To cater the needs of higher classes an upgraded laboratories are available subject-wise i.e. Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
Indoor Conference Hall
Modernized Indoor Conference Hall to conduct regular and special programmes of a small nature (to accommodate 100 students).
Upgraded Library
Specially designed and upgraded Library with a dedicated librarian to maintain the same.
Physical Education Training
Headed by a professional PET Master all the classes from IV to XII are availing this period. A dedicated Stock room is also made available to stack all the Sport Kits.
Band Troop
Headed by a Professional students are trained and engaged for all the School as well as other social programmes.
VAE Classes(Value Added Education) –
For the interested students we are arranging the VAE i.e. Value Added Education like Yoga, Karate, Bharatham etc. We have engaged professionals to conduct these classes.

Admission process of the institution

As for as the admission is concerned the School is not deviating any parameters in terms of Students Academic, Physical, Family Back-ground, Parents Potential in terms of Academic and their economical condition and finally based on the written test valuation the student is admitted.
Based on the Application received Head Institution direct the Head Master and the Administrative Team to strictly conform to the facts that are given by the applicant and very all of them with the support of original documents/certificate for their Academic, and Community. On satisfying all these parameters HM will recommend admission to Head who in turn will take decision and finalist the admission and instruct the student to meet out the Term Fee payment.

Once the admission is made the student will be allotted to his class and section and will be asked to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions of the school framed.

Class Room

All the class room are in the specified length and width by the government and the staff per student ratio is also maintained as per the rule by the government. By Maintaining the student and teacher ratio we can able to ensure to give the student to pleasant environment and students will have the more opportunity to listen in the class peacefully